About Us


Why Share Your Birth Story?

Our mission is to gather and share birth stories. Sharing stories helps us process our own experience, evolve and, if necessary, heal. Reading someone else’s story helps us remember that every birth is completely unique and packed with visceral emotion. Our positive stories are housed here to help pregnant women prepare and get empowered for their own child’s birth. We’ve been sharing birth stories since the beginning of humanity. What a beautiful ritual! Do you have a story to tell? Share it with us and become part of a rapidly growing database of birth stories from around the world.


Are You Pregnant?

 Congratulations! We are so glad you found this site. Reading birth stories can be incredibly empowering during this special time in your life. However, we suggest you stick to the "Positive Stories" category only. Why do we suggest this? Pregnant women shouldn't have to be exposed to traumatic stories when they are trying to stay positive about their own upcoming labor and delivery. We hope that through reading the stories in the "Positive Stories" category, you will gain the confidence to fully trust that your body knows exactly what to do during labor and you have nothing to fear. 


Was Your Birth Traumatic?

You are not alone. There are stories here that will remind you of your own experience. Connect with other moms that have a sense of what you are going through and read success stories after a traumatic birth. Consider taking our "Write Your Birth Story" Workshop to aide in your healing and recovery. This site is meant to be completely inclusive of all stories.